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Bits and pieces of my travel adventures around the world.

Creating Life because of COVID

Has your life, during this pandemic, been feeling like it’s been put on hold? Honestly, I thought mine was for a while… I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t see my friends, I couldn’t even go out to dance. I felt as the world had pressed a giant pause button. But now, it’s been nine months of […]

Life Continues

I’ve rewritten this piece about five times. I get a wave of inspiration and halfway through it just disappears; floats away. But I keep coming back to it. All of this transitional stuff feels important to write about too. My life seems to be filled with transitions, whether it’s from place to place, thing to […]

Traveling During a Pandemic

The world currently feels very strange. There is a lot going on and people are trying to figure out how to make their life work in these circumstances. I’ve had friends tackle this situation in a very positive way, finally finding some time for their personal projects or for some extra self-care. Yet I’ve also […]

Discovering Saint Barth

Enjoying St. Barth like a local Disclaimer: There was no sponsoring involved in the crafting of this article. It’s only been a short while of living in St. Barth (short for Saint Barthélemy), about 7 months, but I’ve started to feel like a local. Embracing the way of life that is a beautiful mix of […]

Egyptian Adventure

I need to stop planning… or maybe just stop the “optimistic planning”. I just returned from eight days of traveling around Egypt with my dad. I had planned to write a post-a-day for my blog in which I would describe the experience. But after day one, the realisation set in that I wanted to be […]

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