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All little and grand pieces of my life – daily life and grand experiences.

Starting a Business: Leona Françoise

I did something very awesome! I started my very own business! It’s called Leona Françoise. The purpose of my new business is to share my passion and expertise on the topics of writing, editing, and communications! I want my website and my business to be a space where I can assist others in creating something […]

Creating Life because of COVID

Has your life, during this pandemic, been feeling like it’s been put on hold? Honestly, I thought mine was for a while… I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t see my friends, I couldn’t even go out to dance. I felt as the world had pressed a giant pause button. But now, it’s been nine months of […]

Blogging Journey 2020

Wow… It’s been a year of having this blog – of having Leona. I have owned my very own, personal blog for a whole year!! Time has flown by. As you’ve (most likely) read, it has been a super intense and active year of living life. It has been filled with both positive experiences and […]

November: Lots of Pizza

We’re not even in Italy and we have succesfully eaten pizza three times this week (four times if you count the leftovers). Last Saturday we had planned to have a pizza and wine picnic for lunch in our garden but when we were seated at Victoria in the harbor of Gustavia we were so enveloped […]


Here I am, Saturday morning, curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and my laptop. I’ve done some yoga alongside the rising sun and I’ve washed my hair and put on some clean clothes. I feel calm and a little tired. This feels like self-care. Spending the first few hours of my […]

Okay! October!

Life has been busy busy busy. And even though I’ve had time to write I feel like I haven’t give much of an update on life itself and what I’ve been up to. That is, besides working on my sustainability, sharing my blog-writing process and sharing what my first year of work experience was like! […]

Starting Sustainability

Over the past three and a half months, as I’ve shared with you, I’ve focussed on changing my diet and living a more conscious lifestyle. Sometimes this is easy, other times not so much. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing great in caring for the planet – I’m conscious of what I eat, how I […]

My Blog-Writing Process

I thought it’d be fun to give some insight into how I write these posts that you lovely people take time to read! Topic Ideas How do I think of something to write about for my blog? Sometimes an idea pops into my head at a random time, when I’m working, sitting outside, or just […]

First Year of Work Experience

Time flies. I’ve already been working with/for my mom for a whole year. When graduating university in May 2019, I hadn’t planned much – I didn’t have a job, I wasn’t going to be doing a masters – it was much of a free-for-all. I had thought about doing an alternative master’s degree in Amsterdam […]

Regular Life

The title of this blog post feels a little funny. What even is regular life? Is there even a “normal”? I’m starting to believe that everyone thinks their way of life is “normal”. I use “normal” in quotations because I don’t actually think there is a “normal” – rather, everyone is just trying to figure […]


I really like tattoos. I like the way they look, the way they represent things about people. And besides personal symbolism behind the specific tattoos I got, I also got my tattoos because I love the way they look. For others the reason can be the same or can be something completely different. There’s a […]

Starting Anew in September Pt. II

Some weeks are much more exciting than others, and this past week was one just like that. And while what I’m about to write about isn’t so much “starting anew” I 1) felt the need to create a part II to my part I; and 2) September just always feels new, new things, new beginnings. […]

A Week of Dengue

The past week completely threw me off my day-to-day course. I got Dengue. For those who aren’t familiar, Dengue is a blood virus transmitted through mosquitoes and when you get it, it floors you. It’s accompanied by a high fever, exhaustion, nausea, body aches. So I spend almost all week in bed. It started Friday […]

Starting Anew in September Pt. I

Life never stops moving and new things are always underway, but it genuinely feels like September is a good month for starting something new or undertaking something new. Kind of the same way that the new year always feels like a good moment for change – even though we all know how “effective” new year’s […]

Changing Up My Lifestyle Pt. II

Read part I here A big thing I’ve been trying to focus on the past few weeks has been food waste. My family and I have, for as long as I can remember, always kept leftovers to eat them later. We try not to throw away food, but what I’ve noticed is that sometimes when […]

Spinning Through Life

Somehow its already two weeks ago since I’ve finished my stay-cation. The world been spinning at such a fast pace, it’s hard to keep up. The past two weeks have been insanely busy. There were infinite many things to do for work which had all piled up from before vacation until now. There was a […]

Stay-Cation Pt. III

Wow. Time really does move fast when you’re enjoying yourself. But also maybe just because its vacation and I don’t know if it ever feels like there is enough time in vacation before getting back to other day-to-day activities. Yesterday work started again and I wish I had a whole another week of vacation, or […]

Stay-Cation Pt. II

Eleven days into vacation and it feels great! I’m no where near being completely relaxed and I have still worked during vacation, but I’ve also done a lot of fun things, enjoyable activities, and most importantly of all, I’ve done things for myself! And even though I could definitely do with many, many more vacation […]

Stay-Cation Pt. I

Busy busy busy. It feels like there is always more to do. Whether it is work or things I’d like to do for myself. But honestly, I don’t know if I would have it any other way. Sometimes it is overwhelming, knowing that there is always something to do. Things that are due and new […]

Changing Up My Lifestyle pt. I

Since arriving in St. Barth on June 23rd, I’ve decided to become more environment/world conscious in my diet and way of life. I’ve already been more conscious about use of plastic and eating more local and bio food rather than food that comes from far away and is covered in pesticides. I guess the official […]

Saturday Morning Thought Train

August 1st. Somehow we’ve already found ourselves in the eight month of the year. But time has felt strange these last few months. Time hasn’t felt like time. It has felt absent. Non-existent. Some months feel like years, other weeks feel like a day. In the end though, I doubt it really matters. Like yes […]

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