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Being Human

Talking about the big and small things that make life so worth living – the things that make us feel so alive. Some of it is more personal than others. But life is big and feeling connected through our experiences and day-to-day things is important to me.

The moon on December 30th, 2019.

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Creating Life because of COVID

Creating Life because of COVID

Has your life, during this pandemic, been feeling like it’s been put on hold? Honestly, I thought mine was for a while… I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t see my friends, I couldn’t even go out to dance. I felt as the world had pressed a giant pause button. But now, it’s been nine months of […]


Here I am, Saturday morning, curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and my laptop. I’ve done some yoga alongside the rising sun and I’ve washed my hair and put on some clean clothes. I feel calm and a little tired. This feels like self-care. Spending the first few hours of my […]

Leaving Earth

Friday morning, May 22nd, the alarm goes off at 06:00. We get up, get dressed, and head towards the Hei; the six of us, Papa, Rowena, Christiaan, Marjolein, Coen and I. Our last walk. A cloudy morning, but the temperature was soft. The Hei basically empty, save for a few dog walkers and two rabbits […]

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