I have an endless desire to create. It’s something I (almost) never tire of. But I struggled to find the place that felt “right” for me to create and share my thoughts, content, and ideas on. This is when the idea of creating my own space came to mind. The creating of Leona, this online space completely my own, will be my outlet to write about my curiosity about life, people, and travel. I’ll share insights and stories about my international life and the way I see the world.
I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoyed creating.

My three favourite things to write about, which are three pretty grand categories: travel, life, and being human. On my platform here, my goal is to share stories, experiences, and happenings, both big and small, relating to the people I meet, the places I see, the way life happens on a day-to-day basis and the logistics behind it all: being human – talking about things that make us connected, the things that make us feel 100% alive.

I hope to both inspire and connect others through the topics I write about and the stories I share, while simultaneously working hard to establish my own creative, online space where I feel comfortable to exist as myself.

Next Up: New Zealand

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!! WOOHOOO!! I am over the moon with excitement. If you know me and/or have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been incredibly eager to travel to New Zealand. I just feel drawn to it. […]

Summer Sweetness Brings Transformation

Summer is here. It already has been for about a month. Although I haven’t noticed the actual shift from spring to summer. The only seasons here are hot and hotter. The bearable heat lasts most of the year, and, even though temperatures […]

Another Year Around the Sun

This past weekend we celebrated my turning 23. Today, Monday, it’s officially my birthday. But during the weekend everyone has more free time and energy to celebrate. Monday’s are frequently filled with meetings, phone calls, and setting a strong work-tone for the […]


It’s hard to grasp that it’s already almost the end of June. It’s “cancer season” – not that it means much to me except that it’s almost my birthday. I still remember writing about reflecting on being 21, and all the things […]

Dear Reader

Here’s a different blog post for a change. This one is about you! The always present supporters with a username, yet other wise mostly anonymous. Who are you? What brought you here? What led you to read my blog? What made you […]

one-year anniversary

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my dad passing away. I wrote about it back then (here and here), sharing all the personal and vivid details of the day, hoping that it would allow for others to live vicariously through my experience, […]

Launching Leona’s Written Camino

Yesterday was AMAZING!! I celebrated the launch of my very first book: ‘On My Way: 800 Kilometres of Destination Self‘. A book about my journey on the Camino de Santiago, an 800 kilometre walk through Nothern Spain. I had turned the whole […]

After April

Wow.. I had started writing this post back in April and somehow, now, it’s already early May as I’m revisiting this post. I feel like I’ve had time and motivation, but somehow I just haven’t committed myself to writing. I didn’t sit […]


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