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I have an endless desire to create. It’s something I (almost) never tire of. But I struggled to find the place that felt “right” for me to create and share my thoughts, content, and ideas on. This is when the idea of creating my own space came to mind. The creating of Leona, this online space completely my own, will be my outlet to write about my curiosity about life, people, and travel. I’ll share insights and stories about my international life and the way I see the world.
I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoyed creating.

My three favourite things to write about, which are three pretty grand categories: travel, life, and being human. On my platform here, my goal is to share stories, experiences, and happenings, both big and small, relating to the people I meet, the places I see, the way life happens on a day-to-day basis and the logistics behind it all: being human – talking about things that make us connected, the things that make us feel 100% alive.

I hope to both inspire and connect others through the topics I write about and the stories I share, while simultaneously working hard to establish my own creative, online space where I feel comfortable to exist as myself.

Opportune October

Time flies. We’re already halfway through October, yet sometimes it feels like the month should already be over for the things I’ve worked on, created, and enjoyed. It’s been wonderful. Family & Friends The second weekend of October we had a lovely […]

Experiencing Life’s Busy Ways

The past few weeks have felt big. Big energy, big shifts. Yet most of all, it feels like I’m adulting and taking control of my life. I had to prepare my travels back to Europe, get an apartment in Lisbon, and book […]

Steady, Sweet September

What a sweet month you were my dear September. A month with new opportunities, with family time, personal time, and an internal calm and quiet even when the outside world felt turbulent or busy. The island has been quite deserted for all […]

Exploring the Freelance Lifestyle

A new direction Turbulence in life is normal. Especially when you’re figuring out your next steps. But sometimes this turbulence, the things that shake you up a bit, can be a tool that helps you make a decision about who you want […]

Ever-changing plans

I feel happy September, September, a beautiful month. I think it’s one of my favourite months of the year. It usually brings a mix of warm and chilly weather, the lovely afternoon sunshine, and a feeling of a fresh start (although the […]

Dear August

What a wonderful month you’ve been. This whole month has felt like a warm summer’s day. The kind where you eat fresh fruit, drink ice cold drinks, and have the sun warm your skin until late in the evening. It has been […]

Back at the Office

After two weeks of being offline and out of office, last Monday was my first day back. If I had wanted to, I could’ve easily decided to enjoy a third week of vacation. The only thing I would have to do was […]

Another Week in Paradise

Staycation Week 2 We kicked off week two of our staycation on Monday morning, by going on the hike we had initially wanted to do Sunday morning. This morning the weather was perfect. Almost no clouds in the sky. At 08:00, Chris […]


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