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Hi there!

My name is Leona and I am the proud and happy owner of this blog and all it’s content. I am a Dutchie, but have spend the past 12 years of my life in Germany (2 years), Italy (6 years), and France (4 years).

The most important thing to know about me (if you read this before you read the rest of my blog) is that I (mainly) adore writing about three things: 1. Life and all its ups and downs; 2.Travel; 3. The things that make us human.
I’ve been very lucky to life a very colourful life filled with love, adventure, and excitement. But I’ve also had many moments of sadness, doubt, and heartbreak. All of these things I write about on this blog. In a way, this blog is my safe haven to share these facts about myself and my life, to openly discuss ideas and to share all the things that make life LIFE with you.

And so here, on this blog, I have tried to create and do just that, a safe space to share. I love to create and I feel that this is a vital aspect to who I am as a person. Writing (alongside dancing) to me feel like the best way in which I can articulate my soul to others. And so I have tried to mix all of these aspects of myself: my international upbringing, my curiosity for life, humans, and the world, and my never ending desire to create and share, all onto this platform: Leona

While this blog initially started out as just a personal blog, where I wrote about a bit of everything. Yet now I am working to create more structure in my blog, a little bit for you, my dear reader, but mostly for me, to create a line that runs through and connects my own work. For that I have chosen the three topics of 1. my life, 2. travel (which is a large part of my life) and 2. “being human”.

The reason I (mostly) write about my life, both daily things and big, life-changing events, is because I believe it is important for people to connect on these topics snd moments, and to know and be aware that life moves in waves, through super intense patches where it feels like everything is happening and changing all at once, and through calm patches where life feels ‘boring’ or ‘uneventful’. I want to share how my life happens and flows, and to, with this, hopefully to inspire others to share more about themselves. I think that if we were all to be a bit more honest and open about how we feel and what we’re going through, the world might be a kinder place.

Before you start reading the rest of my blog, I just want to share a bit more about me. As I mentioned, I’ve had an international upbringing. The first 10 years of my life were spend in the Netherlands, which was followed by 2 years in Southern-Germany and 6 years in Rome, Italy. The next 3 years I lived in Paris, France, where I attended university. Since then I have moved to St. Barths, a French island in the Caribbean, where my mom resides. Throughout the past year and a half of living here, I’ve been bouncing around the globe a little bit – mainly before COVID. Before COVID hit I visited the U.S. and Egypt. Since COVID the only back and forth traveling I did was between St. Barths and the Netherlands – my father was on his deathbed and so I made the decision to travel admist a pandemic.

Where am I and what am I doing now?

I’m currently in St. Barths, with my mom, brother, sister and cat. After my father passed away, the three of us headed home to our mom. Because of the additional factor of COVID, we’ve decided to stay here for a currently undefined time. All of us work together and only need our laptop to work, so the current situation is very much ideal.

It’s been a strange year with all the events happening in the world outside and in my world within. Since getting back to St. Barths in late June (2020), I’ve been spending a lot of time on self-development and growth – alongside the growth and work we’ve been doing within our own family. We decided to, together, focus on developing our relationship with one another so that we don’t stumble over (small) bumps here and there. It’s been a beautiful 6 months of growth. Tough too at times, but overall it has been wonderful.

So this is me and life right now. I’m sure that as I move along in life this page will be updated with new, important events, situations, and things about me. But for now this is me and where I am in life.

I hope you enjoy the content on my blog. I hope the things I write about will inspire you to be curious and open in life. I’m always available for communication!



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