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Dear August

What a wonderful month you’ve been.

This whole month has felt like a warm summer’s day. The kind where you eat fresh fruit, drink ice cold drinks, and have the sun warm your skin until late in the evening. It has been like that for many of my August days. Although the sun doesn’t keep me warm past 17:30. By 18:00 I’m outside with a cosy sweater. I love it though… it’s the only time I can wear my cosy sweaters here. By 19:00 it’s pretty much dark and after dinner I usually relax. Read my book, watch a movie, or spend the evening writing. Unless the day was filled with a lot of relaxing moments… then the evenings are sometimes spend working.

Some of August was a vacation. While living on a tropical island doesn’t always feel like vacation, it has this whole month, even since staycation has ended. It was a wonderful staycation. I got to spend some more time with my family outside of our work. We got to do things that we don’t always make time for during the week such as playing card games, lounging around the house, going out for many, many coffees and more which you can read about here and here.

The third week of August marked going back to the office, thunderstorms so loud that they woke me up (doesn’t happen here very often), yoga in the sun, running, running, running, and sitting still. The lots of running came from discovering a new running route by the other apartment. We’re in the second apartment for a week and a half, giving mom some time and space with herself in her apartment. Not really wanting to drive to go to mom’s to go on my usualy running route, I came up with one here. The unfortunate aspect is that the second apartment is in a much more mountainous are of the island. Or rather, mom’s apartment is in one of the only flat areas of the island. But on a cloudy Thursday afternoon, together with Chris, we braved the hills and ran all the way to the Colombier view point, from where we usually start our hike to the beach. From there we ran/hiked downhill, took a quick breather and turned around to go back up! Once we reached the view point a second time, we walked the rest of the way home. Our legs felt like jelly but we were really proud of ourselves. In the next week I went twice more, once with Chris and once by myself, taking the opportunity to snap some pretty pictures of the view. My legs weren’t as jello-like anymore the second and third time.

Monday last week (the 23rd) was a fantastic day. Truthfully, I didn’t feel that way throughout the whole day, occasionally feeling stressed, unproductive or experiencing a voice of doubt in the back of my mind. But, by early afternoon I had switched my mindset. I looked at what i had created and produced that day, which was incredibly productive and wonderful, and ruled out my negative thoughts. They had no ground to stand on.
Monday had felt so great because I had written two full Medium articles. Normally I don’t write two in the same day, let alone publish two in the same day. But the next day marked the last day to send in submissions to the Medium Writers Challenge. They were offering a cash prize for those who submitted the best article. There would be 5 big winners total, one in each of the four categories, and one overal. The four categories that you could write about (being allowed to submit one article per category) were Death, Work, Reentry, and Space. I wrote about all of them, except the latter, not feeling inspired enough to create something I was passionate about. Results would come in on September 21st. I have a good feeling

I feel like this past month I’ve had so much time and energy to write. I’ve written six Medium posts this month, I’ve written four blog posts and I’ve started a new long-term creative writing project while also editing and upgrading some older ones. Sometimes it feels like a lot. I know it is a lot. Sometimes there are moments when I feel tired. When I don’t feel like writing or working on my own promotion. Yet I know that, although there are some moments when my mind simply wants some rest or go to bed if ti’s late, most of these moments are my doubts and worries setting in. If I don’t write, if I don’t self-promote, then I don’t have to worry about what others will think of my creations. I shouldn’t worry or think about that anyways, and often I don’t, I write for me. But there are moments when I do worry, yet that is when I feel like I have to push through the self doubt so that I come out on the other end. Each time leaves me feeling more confident in myself and that which I create, even if the “going through it” isn’t always a walk in the park.

The last few days of August were a whirlwind of creativity and work. I created so much content for work-work and personal-work it. It felt amazing! It still feels amazing! Seeing projects take on a more concrete form and knowing that I’m the one who did that, is truly a special feeling. It makes me feel like the goals I have in mind are much more realistic and achievable in how I had hoped they would be.

This month, and especially coming back to the work flow after vacation, has been wonderful. I feel a strong balance between work, creation, and pleasure. I’ve been to the beach in the middle of my workday, I’ve spend evenings hunched over my laptop in deep thought and creation. I spend the mornings reading with a cup of coffee while enjoying the view from my balcony. And somewhere in between there’s a mix of work, yoga, meetings, and jogging. And in it all, there’s love, happiness, and a feeling of calm inside of me.

Now September is around the corner, it’ll bring new information, new opportunities, and time to figure out my next steps. I am eager to see how September will shape my adventures.

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