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Back at the Office

After two weeks of being offline and out of office, last Monday was my first day back. If I had wanted to, I could’ve easily decided to enjoy a third week of vacation. The only thing I would have to do was make a few more social media posts for that week. Rowena and Mom would be enjoy vacation until the end of the month. Chris and I had decided not to.

I decided not to take a third week, because I was excited to start my new work flow. I had some things I really wanted to work on, as these next two weeks would still be calm. Most of my more time intensive projects would kickstart again in September, so I really wanted to use this time to do a mix of things. I wanted to work ahead with my social media work, I wanted to create some documents that hadn’t yet reached the top of my priority list, and I wanted to write.

In the past eight months of owning my own business, I found that I haven’t always made time during my work week to work on my own freelance projects of writing my books and my articles, nor researching some possible future opportunities. I somehow assumed that my own creative projects weren’t as worthy as my other work. But during the vacation I realised, again, that I am a freelancer, my own boss, and I can organise my work schedule any way I’d like to. Including setting time aside during my work day to write.

This past week back at the office, I got to start with finding a balance between my own projects and my other professional projects. It’s hasn’t all been super smooth sailing. Some of the week has still felt like vacation, but I’m figuring out the kinks here and there. My mindset is in the right place and I know that that is a great place to move forward from.

Getting back to work this past week wasn’t too intense either. It’s a big perk of mostly working with your family and then going on a family vacation. No overloaded mailbox. Not too many unread social media messages or things to get to. The opportunity to start up at your own pace. That is, after the first two days. During Monday and Tuesday, when I was organising and preparing some more urgent aspects that had to be done right away, I found myself thinking about how it always feels so busy right before and right after taking a vacation. Before we leave we are trying to organise everything for when we’re gone. When we get back, we have to hustle to get back on track. I’m thinking it would be much more efficient if, before we leave on vacation, we would plan everything also for the first week or two for after we get back, so that when we get back we’re not stressing so much. This is definitely something I”m taking with me for my next vacation.

The rest of the week was much calmer and i got to really appreciate how focussed I had returned from my two weeks off. Even that Monday and Tuesday, when I had been so busy, I had worked in such a focused manner. I’d get things done with a whole new outlook and fresh energy and it felt great to know that two weeks of offline made me return so energised.

Another enjoyable aspect of this first week back at the office was that it was Rowena, Chris, and me in the other apartment. We had decided mom should have a week for herself during her vacation, and although we did meet up for pizza on Wednesday and for drinks on Saturday, we each had some time apart. It was especially nice because there wasn’t as much moving around. Not switching between homes twice a day makes it all feel somewhat calmer. Plus I feel like I got to enjoy the other apartment some more. I don’t think I’ve ever sat outside on the balcony there as much as I have this past week.

The view has also provided some great inspiration. While I’m writing this I’m sitting outside, underneath the umbrella, the wind blowing and the papaya leaves and palm trees making that swishy noise. And the clicking of my keyboard as I type. It’s Sunday so there’s barely any other noise. Occasionally a small plane passes by, carrying passengers to the other islands nearby: St. Maarten and Antigua.

Besides this Sunday, the whole week has also had a relaxing and fun vibe to it, whenever not working. I went for coffee with Rowena. I went for coffee by myself. I went for a (very challenging) run with Chris (which we’re repeating today!). We went for coffee with the three of us on Saturday and on Sunday. And I spend a lot of time doing things for myself. I started almost every morning reading my book with a cup of coffee outside, instead of scrolling on my phone, a somewhat unfortunate habit I had picked up in the last months. I have done more yoga and I’ve done a lot of journaling. I feel like this past staycation gave me the time I needed to tune in again with myself, to reconnect, and to be able to then continue this wonderful feeling in my more usual day-to-day.

I’ve also taken a lot of time to think about my future this past week. There’ve been a lot of events and information that hvae changed and altered some ideas, plans, and undertakings. But more on that soon, in another blogpost, when I have some more info and insight myself!

A little last realisation to leave you with about my first week back at the office after my summer break has been that: I feel incredibly confident and am working really efficiently. I know many people come back from their holidays feeling more relaxed, and within a week or so that fades, but this feels different. It feels wonderful.

Taking time to read a chapter with my morning coffee before starting the rest of my day.

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