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Staycation again!

Believe it or not, even though I live on a tropical island, it’s definitely not always vacation. And funnily enough, even though there are always tourists around and the vacation vibe is very much present on a daily basis, actually taking vacation requires a definite change of mindset.

But vacation is here once again, and this time the family and I will be enjoying another staycation. We decided to take the first two weeks of August off together, enjoying family time but also time for ourselves. Rowena is tacking on another week, when Christiaan and I are already back to work, and Mom is taking the whole month of August free – she’s been working so hard, she needs a break to fully detox and enjoy some down time.

Dengue, again

But the week leading up to vacation wasn’t completely smooth sailing. Somehow I got dengue fever again. The second time in 10 months and I’m quite impressed that it happened again so quickly. Luckily now we knew how to deal with it, and the fever itself wasn’t as bad as the first time, although it was a tough and tiresome week for me.

It started with not feeling so great on Monday. My body ached, I had a headache and I just wasn’t feeling great. Considering the possibility it might be COVID, I took one of our take-home tests that we’d gotten recently at the pharmacy, precicesly for a situation like this, and got tested. Thankfully the strip showed a negative result. Our next thought was that it could possibly be dengue. We decided to see how I would feel after a good night’s sleep.

Except it wasn’t a good night’s sleep. When you have dengue (at least in my experience) the first night of having it is tough. I had gone to bed around 21:30, yet was wide-awake by 02:00, after already having awoken from weird dreams and tossed and turned to try and get back to sleep. By then I couldn’t bear lying in bed anymore and I went to make some tea and to sit outside on the balcony, underneath the stars – similar to 10 months ago on my first dengue-rodeo. After curling up on the couch, I managed to get some more sleep here and there, but by the time Christiaan woke up, I was exhausted.

I spend the rest of that first day similar to how I would spend the rest of my week: switching between the couch and the bed, with a pounding head each time I stood up, either reading my romantic-comedy books or the Donald Duck pockets that I still hadn’t read. The week also consisted of many naps that somehow seemed to never quite enough sleep to make me feel rested. Near the end of the week, the fever had exchanged itself for pain. Inside my body, besides the headache that had been penetrating my skull all week long, I now felt aches in my legs and in my lower back. Making their presence well-known late into Friday night.

My main literary entertainment during my week of Dengue.

Start of our Staycation

Luckily Saturday morning I felt 98% better. I still hadn’t slept super great and the ache in my lower back was still slightly present, but the rest of me felt much better than I had all week.

After enjoying a cup of tea on the teras with my mom, I enjoyed a semi-slow start to the saturday, eating breakfast and reading some more (I seem to never get tired of reading, even when I’ve been doing it all week). By 08:30 we were dressed and ready to go. Christiaan would be hosting one last workshop this morning before his vacation would start, and in the mean time, Mom, Rowena, and I would be hanging out at the other apartment, where I would watch some new tv episodes, enjoying the fact that I could do nothing because it’s now vacation. Instead Mom would be cutting Rowena’s hair, an event that brought me a good laugh, simply from observing them and some slight miscommunications. But no worries, her hair ended up fantastic.

After our slow morning, the three of us went to pick up Christiaan and headed for pizza as to kickstart our vacation! Our favourite employee, Viviana, was working so we chatted with her for a little bit, before absolutely devouring the pizza. It somehow seemed to taste extra great today, and I’m not sure if it was because I had only eaten apple and bread all weak (the only thing I could keep down), or because the pizza was somehow so much like Roman pizza; a thin crust, perfectly prepared toppings, and love.

After pizza, we went for coffee at Oubli, our favourite place to drink noissette. We drink them so much that the staff calls us ‘famille noissette’ (noissette family). We continued to enjoy some good conversation, before strolling along the harbor to the car and heading back home.

Around 16:00, Christiaan walked to the beach, and soon after Rowena and I followed. I was eager to go for a swim. It had been a while and I had been wanting to go all week. The water felt heavenly, and even though the beach seemed somewhat too crowded, I enjoyed being there anyways.

I didn’t stay for too long, and walked back home with Rowena. After rinsing off the salt and sand, I put on some comfy pajamas, grabbed my laptop, and sat outside. Mom was already outside, reading on the couch, so I decided to sit at the table. I’d been eager to get working on some organisational aspects of my writing, as well as getting organised for this Medium writing contest that I want to particpate in – which is exactly what I spend my evening, before dinner, doing.

We enjoyed dinner outside, Rowena had prepped a tasty salad, and after dinner we ended up playing our usual game of Harten Jagen, which we ended up saving half of for today. Around noon, Rowena and Christiaan showed up with cake and coffee, and we played the second half of our game, leading to victory for Christiaan. The whole weekend felt like the perfect start to the staycation, really creating the right tone; one of relaxation, fun, and creativity. I know the next two weeks will be great!

Saturday Morning, enjoying tea outside with mom before kickstarting the day featuring a special visitor (the neighbour’s kitten).

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  1. Wat vervelend om te lezen dat je alweer dengue hebt gehad Leona. Gelukkig ben je nu weer beter en kun je van je vakantie genieten. Have a good time and kisses to your mom, brother en sister. Lots of love ♥️

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