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After April

Wow.. I had started writing this post back in April and somehow, now, it’s already early May as I’m revisiting this post. I feel like I’ve had time and motivation, but somehow I just haven’t committed myself to writing. I didn’t sit myself down behind my laptop and create. I think most of it is due to the fact that I officially published my book “On My Way: 800 Kilometres to Destination Self”. And I’ve been spending a lot of the past few weeks on finalising the book, creating its creative aspects like the descriptive blurb and the cover. And now it’s done. Finalised. And you can check it out as of May 16th!!

I feel proud. And I don’t feel bad about not having written on my blog and psoted antyhing. But I was surprised to see that my last post was on March 27th. It seems so long ago. This week I just posted my Book Launch Party announcement. And the past few weeks, when I haven’t been spending time writing my book, I’ve been binge-watching Gilmore Girls, which has been also been a great distraction and a good semi-vacation way to spend my time. (Although I don’t encourage others to do the same because binge watching Gilmore Girls is incredibly time-consuming…).

April is always quite the celebratory month in our hosuehold. Besides that Easter was in early April this year, which meant festivities, also both my mother and my brother had their birthdays.

For Easter, which we don’t celebrate for religious reasons, we do always decide to celebrate it. The real reason being that the work-phones don’t ring and its a good excuse for eating chocolate eggs, a grand breakfast, and playing our favourite easter game: eitje tik. The game, who’s name translates to “egg tick” is where the challenger gets to hit their painted, hard-boiled egg, on yours, and the winner is the person who’s egg remains un-cracked from hitting or being hit! Another reason we love celebrating Easter is because of the egg hunt. No matter the fact that the three of us are 22, 24, and 25, each (or by now my brother 26). Each year my mom hides eggs around the house and garden. The only thing we did different this year was freezing the eggs the night before so that we wouldn’t be dealing with melted chocolate everywhere. After our grand Easter breakfast and egg hunt, the rest of the Easter weekend was spent drinking rosé, having lunch in Gustavia and going to the beach!

For my mother’s birthday, a few days later, the three of us decided to go all-out! It had been a long time since we were all together to celebrate her birthday and now that we’re grown-ups, we wanted to do more than a small birthday present on a budget. We decided to start the day off at our favourite café for breakfast and presents! Breakfast was accompanied by mimosas and we surprised our mom by making breakfast our treat.

After breakfast, mom and Christiaan had a business meeting, which gave Rowena and me the perfect opportunity to organise the rest of our surprises. We went to pick up the helium balloons and flowers, as well as that I baked the apple-pie we would be eating later. After their meeting was done, we had Christiaan film our mom opening the door as we surprised her with giant balloons and flowers. The whole thing was a tremendous succes and my mom was over the moon about the balloons, which were filled with helium! I personally, absolutely adore birthdays and I loved that the surprise turned out so great.

My mom’s birthday was on a Thursday, and we went to eat Sushi that night, and spend the rest of the weekend continuing our celebration, playing card games, eating cake, and drinking champagne! We also watched the movie La Grande Bellezza, a beautiful, abstract Italian move that transported us to Italy, and our beautiful, magical years of living in Rome.

The weekend after my mom’s birthday we ended up havig another fun and relaxing weekend. We went for a hike to Colombier beach on Saturday and enjoyed an unexpected lunch at our favourite spot, La Petite Plage. The rest of the weekend and the week I enjoyed some more binge-watching of Gilmore Girls, as well as doing some personal productive things here and there.

The last week of April, it was Christiaan’s birthday on a Wednesday, but since we all had to work we had initially decided to celebrate his birthday on the weekend. The weekend would also mark the start of our one-week vacation that we collectively decided to take, we wanted to finish all the work before Friday afternoon. So when Rowena and I showed up Wednesday morning with cake and coffee, Christiaan was extremely surprised and enjoyed the little birthday surprise.

By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, our surprises continued; we showed up after Christiaan’s work meeting with a freshly baked apple-pie, Aperol Spritz ingredients and helium balloons! Two regular balloons and two number balloons: 26. Friday night we had a calm night in, while, instead, Saturday we spent almost all day outside, in the morning we enjoyed breakfast once again at La Petite Plage, only to return that evening for dinner. Although, funnily enough, the dinner atmosphere is incredibly different and much more party-like than the day-atmosphere. We had a blast, just relaxing and our time spent with good conversations.

In between, when we were at home, I finalised my book and uploaded all the last documents and information before being ready to publish, which took up most of my afternoon. Before heading out to dinner that evening we played a game of Harten Jagen, which we were unable to finish before dinner so when we got home around 00:15, we decided to continue the game, which lasted us until 01:30 (AM), which ended by my victory!

Sunday morning, after having woken up early and spending the morning just hanging out, brainstorming and relaxing, we headed back once more to La Petite Plage where we enjoyed brunch, mimosas, and some more wonderful sunshine. The rest of the Sunday we relaxed at home, filling the afternoon with some yoga, Netflix, and relaxing, which also marked the start of our vacation week!

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