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Life Marches On; Creation Continues

It’s been a while…

Sometimes it feels like that’s how I’ve started all my blog posts, text messages, emails…
But somehow time just keeps passing by and I have to be selective of how I spend my time. As much as I love blogging, I also love working on my book, spending time with myself and with my family, exercising, sleeping, manifesting my own future. And so blogging seems to have gotten the short end of the stick.

Yet these past few days inspiration has continuously popped up. I’ve spend the past month and a half (since my last blog post: The Pleasures of Living a Busy Life) thinking a lot about writing, but it was always a feeling of having to create, rather than wanting to. Because of this feeling of having to write, I decided not to. I don’t want to give in to a feeling of needing to create something because people are waiting for the next content piece or because I wanted to write a blog post every two weeks this year, and have instead, only published four pieces in the past three months – nothing like I had planned. But that’s life, ain’t it? Nothing goes as planned.

Let me update you on my life – which always continues to move forward into new, exciting adventures that always give lots of space for personal and professional growth. Since I last wrote to you, I shared how I felt exhausted but also proud of my work, even though I hadn’t finished all that I had wanted to, like my first complete rough draft of my Camino book before February 1st.

Since then, I’ve been creating like crazy, but not feeling exhausted from all that I’ve been doing. For work as well as personal creations. I’ve re-done my professional website, and, while not complete yet, it feels like less of a work in progress than before. I kick-started another big creative project, called Being Human: GYL®, which, is a sub-branch of my ‘Being Human’ project that I’ve been desiging and figuring out the way I wanted to translate my purpose, for the past year and a half.

Mainly, throughout the past two months, I’ve been working on my Camino book. It’s almost done and I am so excited to share it with the world. I’m doing the final editing round and working on the more technical aspects of how to go about the self-publishing, formatting, creating a cover. I went to print the first complete draft about three weeks ago and it felt insanely surreal to be holding a book I wrote in my own hands. Not the final version yet but the content was all there. I’ve been carrying it around in a bright-yellow folder (the colour chosen because it makes me feel like sunshine), as if it were my baby. My goal is to publish it on the 16th of May. While that currently still feels far away, I know it’s not. The date is a special one because it marks two important occasions – the three year anniversary of starting my Camino, and my oldest, bestest friends’ birthday.

Sometimes I have those moments where I start diving deep into the ‘thinking and analysing’ hole, and I have to reality check myself that the life I’m living is actually my life. The fact that I am living on a tropical island where I have my own business, where I live a healthy life, and where I wrote my very first book!!! (I have more creative book ideas on the horizon, keep an eye out!) And it just feels insane. By the time I will have published my Camino book, I’ll still be 22 years old, but a 22 year-old self-published author!

Whenever this realisation sinks in I feel immensely proud – an emotion I haven’t always attached to myself. I’ve alays felt proud of others around me, when family members or close friends achieved their goals or had great opportunities, or when they were just wonderful human beings. I would feel proud. And I’ve had my family and friends be proud of me, but barely ever have I been this proud of myself. Now I am. I am proud of myself even before this book is published. I feel proud at the fact that I have gone ahead and created something 100% for myself and decided to share it with others, no matter whether they enjoy the outcome or not (although I feel confident that you’ll love it).

It’s been such an exciting process of creating content and ideas and goals for myself. This blog is a great example. I started writing because I wanted to write about myself, about my life, a way to share the deep and pensive thoughts as well as the more simple day-to-day stuff. While I’ve been writing away about whatever pops into mind, you, my dear online readers, my online friends, have taken the time out of your day to share my excitement, to read my thoughts, and sometimes to answer them with a like or a comment – which always make my day.

Having really taken the time to focus on myself and learn to create for my own benefit has definitely changed my life. I feel more in-tune with the life I manifest because it has become a representation of who I feel that I am, of being myself and sharing who that is through the projects I bring to life.

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  1. Love the post and love the self-love you give about just being proud and not rushing the process. In the end, I believe that it’s having the final outcome but together with a process that works for you. The final outcome is the entire process! Also, beautiful picturse of the island! Much love 🙂

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