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2021: Manifesting Me

I might be a little late to the ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ game, considering the first week of January has already almost passed, but I was taking my time to enjoy the first three days of this month as the remainder of my holiday, before hopping back into action on Monday for work. Although vacation always feels too short, I was also very excited to get back to work, because Monday marked the first day of me working for my own business: Leona Françoise!

And while I still work with my old employer on the projects that we were doing, I’m now working on all activities via my own company, meaning I am now in charge of when and how I work, of how I organise everything (also means I have sole responsibility for myself and the work) and it’s incredibly exciting!!

But because of starting my business and work I hadn’t found much time yet to think about my goals for the new year. That is, except one. I was talking with my mom about how it’s strange that we only take one moment per year to review and look back at how a year went. Why don’t we review this at the end of every month? or every week? Why should we limit our growth by only reflecting on ourselves so infrequently? Rather, my goal, my resolution, for this year is to reflect on myself and my life every month (at least), and then see how I feel like my growth is going. I know that for some things the growth is only noticeable after a longer period of time, like 6 months or a year. But I also believe in looking at the small term progress, which I believe to be super motivational.

But alongside my monthly review that I am going to do at the end of each month, I also have some other goals I’d like to work on and spend time on. At least throughout the next 6 months. I don’t know how relevant or applicable they will be after that period, especially if a goal or project has already been achieved or completed.

Finishing and publishing my first book!
A big priority for me in these first 2 months of the year is to finalise my Camino book. I feel very proud to say that it’s already somewhat in its final stage. I’m editing all the content I have and adding where I had left some blanks. Then by the end of February I am going to get it published. The details of that I haven’t exactly figured out but I trust myself, my hard work and the process.

Continuing on my journey of becoming healthier!
While I’ve never been unhealthy, and I’ve always been one to eat my vegetables and exercise, in the past couple of months, with fluctuation in frequency, I’ve become increasingly aware of the benefits being healthy has on not just my body, but on my whole being. When I eat healthy and exercise, I sleep much better; when I drink enough water throughout the day, my mind is more focussed; when I keep my body fit and in shape, I feel more energised and capable throughout the day.
And while so far this journey hasn’t always been a great one, or one that has included a lot of self-love, I’ve been working to become more aware of these factors and I’ve found ways to effectively change them, like through starting intermittent fasting, taking rest days in between workouts, and really listening to my body on when it’s hungry and when it’s full.

Growing my this blog!
And I don’t mean in numbers, rather, I want to spend more time writing, sharing thoughts, posting about interesting topics that are somewhat related to my ‘blog themes” (my life, travel, and things that make us human). I love writing on here (most of the time), and while sometimes its busy or the motivation can be low, I really want to make this a space that I work on, as it is somewhat my safe-haven on the internet.
I’m also hoping that the more time I spend on writing on here, that I also end up spending more time on my other writing projects (that are not book related) like writing on Medium. I’ve often found that once I get typing, the creativity starts flowing.

And while I’ve set these, somewhat broad, goals for at least the first 6 months of my year, I’m excited to see what else will pop up and what other motivation, inspiration, and new goals I will find along the way. I mean right now it’s only day 5 of the new year and I’ve already found myself being incredibly motivated to work (most likely because now I’m 100% working for me), as well as very motivated in really doing things that make me feel good and happy and feel like ‘Leona‘.

Where the rest of the year will go I can’t tell you, not even this month. What I do know is that I am excited, I am curious, and I hope you’ll tag along for the journey!

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