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Holiday Vacation

Somehow it’s already December 23rd. The new year will be here in 8 days and I officially just started my vacation. It feels a little bit different because I’ve been in St. Barths all this time, which often already feels like vacation. But yesterday morning I finished my last work assignment and so now I have at least until January 6th to relax and spend extra time on my own projects, on my family and myself, and on doing nothing without feeling as if I should be doing something else.

It’s been an incredibly busy December so far and I’ve barely found time to write. I know this often comes and goes in phases, also regarding actual motivation to write and ideas to write about. But somehow I felt as if I’ve been slacking a little, yet I know that is just because of my own goals and targets. I should also give myself a break because much of the writing I have done throughout December has been about my Camino book and it’s now really starting to take shape. The first part is almost finalised and the second part is well on its way. The third part still requires quite a bit of work but I have most of the flow written down in my notebook. But while writing, setting up my business, doing my daily work, which is always extra hectic before the holiday-season, and trying to sleep enough and exercise enough, it’s all felt incredibly active and busy – like a giant rush of adrenaline but for two weeks straight.

While I don’t think that vacation should be some sort of relief from daily life and it’s busyness, rather we should incorporate fun and relax in the same day that we are working hard and grinding, but right now I am very much welcoming the feeling of being “offline”. The past few months I’ve already started a little early on the whole “offline feeling”. Not because I don’t want to be online, but between all the million and one things I’ve been doing, it honestly feels overwhelming to keep up with friends everywhere, even though I have them in my heart and thoughts. And I do connect with them and call with friends when the timing feels good, and when they are the type of friends you just always click with, I’ve found a phone call leaves me more energised than I thought (if you’re reading this, thank you Sean!!). Also I’ve decided to look for other ways to show care to my friends, so that even when I’m offline and so couped up in my own world and life happenings, they know I’m thinking of them. I send out three postcards today that will travel across an ocean to their end destination, as well as ordering birthday and holiday presents for two of my dearest friends. Old school mail and receiving packages always feels like a big, exciting treat – and I’ve found sending them leaves the same feeling.

Now that it’s finally vacation, I’m trying to not think too much about what it is that I want to do, but rather to just do what feels good. A part of me felt an urge to get writing on my book or organise some administrative stuff that’s also been lying around for a while, but I realised that what I really felt like doing was write this blog post I randomly felt inspiration for and craft the christmas cards for my family and myself (yes, I am giving myself a christmas card because I’m working hard on that self-love and this feels like a fun way to give it to myself).

I think its so easy to spend your whole vacation doing all the things you never get to do on a daily basis, or the things you feel that you don’t have enough time for, but stuffing your vacation to be busy isn’t so relaxing. And to me the purpose of vacation is to recharge and feel refreshed, rather than tired from all of the days of actively doing things.

Recharging on energy includes having a coffee and cake break with my family!!

I do have some exciting things coming up or that I’ve planned to do throughout my vacation (with lots of free and none planned-in time too). Yesterday and today we spend time doing some last present-shopping and starting to add the last decorations to the house and started to put the presents atop the piano so that we get in the Christmas mood. It’s a little strange when you’ve spend your whole life celebrating the holidays in a cold place and now in a warm place. It’s been about three years now of celebrating in a warm place but I’m still not very used to it. One of the biggest perks, no matter how silly, is that I don’t have to wear a sweater over my festive clothes!

I had to move some of the gifts on the piano yesterday, because I decided to play some piano again. It’s been a while but yesterday I just really felt an urge to play and afterwards I felt very happy and relaxed. It’s something I don’t do enough of. By the time I finished playing, mom and Rowena came back from the grocery store, doing some holiday-grocery-shopping, and we had a little apperativo together with some truffle chocolates. Later that evening we watched “Little Women”, which was an absolutely beautiful movie. The whole essence was just very calming but also very realistic and relatable, even now in modern day.

Throughout the rest of the vacation, besides working on my blog and my book, my idea is to just spend lots of time reading, being outside and hanging out with my family. We organised a Christmas Eve menu and a Christmas day menu on what we’ll cook, when we’ll share gifts, and some other fun activities like games and playing monopoly (monopoly is a category of its own when it comes to games and is generally played just once or twice a year because of how intense we get while playing).

I’ll share more as the vacation and happenings commence, but for now you’ll have this little piece on getting in the vacation mode!

Pizza to celebrate the start of vacation!

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