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Starting a Business: Leona Françoise

I did something very awesome! I started my very own business! It’s called Leona Françoise. The purpose of my new business is to share my passion and expertise on the topics of writing, editing, and communications! I want my website and my business to be a space where I can assist others in creating something for them, but also to have a platform through which I can share my own work!

I believe that helping others bring their creative endeavours to life should be able to be able to coincide with me bringing my own creative projects to life. The way I work and push for my own projects is the best advertisement for the projects I will do for others. Additionally, the projects I create and manifest are a direct representation of mthe very skills that I’m advertising.

Another reason I created this business is because I want to be able to have a job that I love. I greatly enjoy writing and editing, as well as working on communication aspects like social media. If I love this and have skill, knowledge, and experience in these fields as well, then why wouldn’t I make this my work for life?
While I do really like my current job, I see a life where I can mix and combine all these different aspects. The work I currently do allows me to focus on my other projects in my free time, meaning I can both develop this work but also be able to make an income with another job that I enjoy.

The name of my business comes from me! Or rather, from the name my parents gave me. My first name is Leona and my middle name is Françoise. A while back during lunch, my family and I were talking about our names and who has the most professional sounding name, when my brother said that my name combination was perfect for a business. So when it was time to think of a name for my very own business, I didn’t have to think very long. The logo also came very quickly. I knew I wanted something simple and I started to look for some good colour schemes on google to accompany this simplicity. As my work is about more than just one thing, it didn’t feel right to put something specificly relating to writing or editing or communications on it. So I went for simplicity and after desiging it in Canva myself, I feel very happy and proud of what I’ve created. Something that feels especially cool is that I’m organising everything myself. I’ve made my own website (, my own logo, and I’m fully desiging my own set-up of how I am undertaking all my projects and ideas. And while it feels intimidating to be the sole person responsible and in charge, it also feels incredibly badass!

Current projects:

In order to be up and running, I needed some work! And because my clientele has been quite small up until now, I’ve done some work with the clients I know best: my family. My mother and sister recently launched a report in both Italian and English, for their Chill-Food project, and asked me to copy-edit the English version. I gladly did so as it would also give me exposure and experience. Additionally, working on this project was a great gift because the content was increidble. It talked about how we can, and must, transform the way we look at food, and how the solution lies with children. You can read the report here.

I have some other projects in the work but as these aren’t published yet I am not allowed to share full details. But the cool part of one of these projects is that while it is technically for my day job, because it is the writing of an article, I’m also able to do some writing and editing work on this via my new company. For reading about my other writing, editing, and communications work you can check out my website!

I also have two projects that I am undertaking for myself, but want to share with the world through my business. One is this blog and the sharing of my content. I’m basically publishing an article (almost) every week and this is both great writing and editing experience, but also gives me confidence on sharing my work and figuring out the best way to do so. My other project is the book I am working on about the Camino de Santiago. The goal is to have the first full draft complete by mid-December (next week or so) and to then start the editing rounds.


The thing with my Camino book, besides writing and editing it, as well as sharing it with the world via my social media, is that I’ll have to figure out how to publish it. I’ve heard that there are many scams out in the publishing world, and saw on Rupi Kaur’s social media that she advices self-publishing. I’ve been looking into this a little more, and recently had an acquaintance do it too, and the process seems fairly simple. I’m still figuring out how to best go at it for my own project, but once I have this experience, it is something I want to add to my business – to help others do the same without having to figure out all the details and information themselves. Publishing your own work is already scary enough, it shouldn’t have to be difficult too, at least not for every new writer.

The ultimate goal of my business is to assist others to bring their creativity to life. Some people don’t like writing posts or informational pieces or don’t know how to communicate their message to the world even though they have a great project or idea and that is exactly how I want to help. If I love writing and creating on this topic, and others on a different topic, then why not collaborate and work together? We dont’ have to do it all alone if we don’t want to.

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