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Okay! October!

Life has been busy busy busy. And even though I’ve had time to write I feel like I haven’t give much of an update on life itself and what I’ve been up to. That is, besides working on my sustainability, sharing my blog-writing process and sharing what my first year of work experience was like!

I’m amazed at that we are 2/3rds into October already. I don’t know where the time goes and it feels like Christmas and New Years are around the corner already. The season on the island is beginning again, which is very noticeable through the busy-ness everywhere, the restaurants that are opening up again, and the many new faces.

Instead of going out a lot and socializing, I’ve been doing much of my own thing in either my own company or with my family. Most of my days are a mix of work, writing, exercise and family time. And lately that’s felt like all I needed.

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of yoga. I try and do it in the morning as I feel that it’s a positive start to the day to get my body moving, even if it’s just 15 minutes or so. Even on days when I don’t really feel like it, I do a short yoga anyways – I always feel better afterwards. Some days when I don’t get to it in the morning because life gets in the way, or even on days when I do yoga in the morning, I also do some in the afternoon. For these I usually take more time and do a longer yoga sequence. I watch/follow videos from Yoga with Adriene (from YouTube or her website) as I really like the flows she prepares and how there is a wide variety of yoga videos you can choose from depending on your mood.

Celebrating the launch of the Italian and English report.

October also included two big events! Not necessarily for me but for my family. My mom and sister had launched their Italian version of their Chill-Food report on September 24th, and on October 13th they officially launched their English version of the rapport! The event was upbeat and super interesting, an hour-launch-call on Zoom with the experts and other invited guests. We celebrated that evening with some champagne on the couch!

The other big event was that with our start-up, GYL, Christiaan and Rowena hosted seven (!!!) workshops in the span of three days at an international school in Belgium. Because they all started at 09:30 AM Amsterdam time, which is 3:30 in the morning for us, and because the internet is much better at my mom’s apartment, mom and I camped out at the other apartment. The workshops went amazing and I got to spend some quality time with my mom, taking some extra moments to talk about life and things that sometimes make my life-ride bumpy or smooth. We also rearranged the furniture to give the apartment a different feel – which I would argue has made it look more home-y.

Friday night rolled around and to celebrate the busy week that was filled with accomplishments we went to our, now almost regular, Friday night spot: La Cantina in Gustavia. We shared drinks and food and lots of laughter, smiles, and conversation about work, life, upcoming projects and ideas. Somehow we never seem to run out of things to talk about or share with one another. Even though we do enjoy our occassional silent moments.

The rest of the weekend was spend in a relaxed manner. Most of it was spend on writing my book, reading a book, and enjoying time with my family. Sunday morning I had some more quality time with my mom and we brainstormed a bit about my business that I’m working on setting up, as well as enjoying a coffee and snack break in the late-morning.

Sunday I decided to get back into my regular running-routine, which I’d been some-what knocked out of since having Dengue. Yes that was a month ago, but the two weeks after I still noticed my body felt as if it were recovering and rebuilding it’s strenght. I’d enjoyed some short, slow runs, but Sunday I decided to hit a couple of kilometres and afterwards I felt absolutely fantastic and exhausted.

Wednesday rolled around, meaning mom and I went for our usual Wednesday morning work meeting at Oubli and shopping run. Funnily enough when we arrived at Oubli we saw two familiar faces! Rowie and Christiaan had also decided to work the morning at Oubli, and because we hadn’t been in touch yet, it was a pleasant surprise. Mom and I said at a different table so that we could freely discuss our work and personal projects without interrupting their work flow.

After coming back home for lunch and picnicking outside for a second time this week, Mom and I took the car and went to tour around the Island. During lunch time the roads are quiet, meaning the car can profit from any speed higher than the 50km island speed-limit. My mom’s car, a Porsche, is for sure not an island car, but she was unable to part with it, as it was a gift from herself to herself after getting some success with her own business. Now the car has been hers for a loyal 23 years!

Once we’d picked up Christiaan and gone back home, I made home-made ice cream for everyone! Frozen banana and home-made no-bake brownies mixed together. The outcome was delicious, confirmed by all of our tastebuds. The rest of the day included a run and more work until dinner time. For dinner and the rest of the evening we had decided to spend some quality time together playing a round of harten jagen which ended in victory for my mom and brother both.

Work station Thursday morning.

Thursday was mainly spend working, with a break for coffee at Oubli in the afternoon as well as a running break in the late afternoon. I felt incredibly happy with my run because even though it was tiresome, I increased the distance I ran, feeling fantastic to have pushed myself.

On Friday, as a fresh start to the weekend I chopped a lot off of my hair after lunch and before tuning-in to one of Christiaan’s self-development and light-work sessions at 16:00. The evening was spent hanging out and watching “Morning Glory” together on the couch after dinner. My mom purchased a beamer (projector) last year and we installed one of those roll-down curtains by the staircase, so now we have our own little cinema set-up for when we watch movies.

Saturday morning we did one of my favourite hikes on the island: the steep path to Colombier beach. The hike is my favourtie becaue the view from the top is amazing, the beach is always almost completely deserted and the water is incredibly clear. It’s the perfect relaxed beach. We went early in the morning and passed by plenty of animals: goats, tortoise, lizards, hummingbirds and many many butterflies. Once down at the beach we floated around went for a swim beforeing sitting with the four of us on one towel, wrapped in the other due to the sun being hidden behind some clouds. We hiked back up, enjoying the burn in my thighs as we climbed up the steep path.

On the way back home we passed by the bakery where we picked up the cake we had ordered the day before, a gateu royale (the most amazing chocolate cake to ever grace my tastebuds) and a small, one-person fraisier for Rowie, who doesn’t like the chocolate cake. Once home we made some coffee to enjoy with our cake and sat outside under the umbrella.

The rest of the afternoon everyone enjoyed their own thing, some personal administration, some football, some blogging, and overall just relaxing. To be honest the whole day had quite a Sunday vibe to it, making me very glad that there was another Sunday the next day.

View before heading down to the Colombier beach.

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