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My Blog-Writing Process

I thought it’d be fun to give some insight into how I write these posts that you lovely people take time to read!

Topic Ideas

How do I think of something to write about for my blog? Sometimes an idea pops into my head at a random time, when I’m working, sitting outside, or just doing day-to-day things. Yet, what inspired most of my writing topics is writing a different blog post. Whenever I’m in the creative process and writing, suddenly a different idea presents itself and I’ll quickly write it down, as well as whatever inspiration came with it, and then get back to working on my other post. Then, when I have time or feel inspired, I’ll continue with the idea that I’d written down.
Other ways I get inspired is through my family or friend who will suggest something to write about. Or sometimes just because of an interaction between two family members or something they say will turn on the light bulb in my head.
This is how most of my posts ideas are born!

Yet there are moments when I lack inspiration for new ideas and it all feels a little bit boring. This is usually when I feel like I haven’t done anything exciting enough to write about regarding my day-to-day life. Even though I live on a tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean, I live a “regular life“, and most of my days consist of work, exercise, and some writing, reading, or journaling. And its moments like these that I worry I’ll have nothing exciting to share with you, my fellow bloggers and readers. So when something like that happens I’ll either turn to my mom, who never fails to give me some inspiration from something she says, or I’ll turn to the internet to look for ideas and prompts on what to write about. I don’t think there is anything bad or less professional in having to look up writing topics – sometimes you have a bit of writers block or a creative block – it is natural and happens to all of us!

Noticing that Rowena is taking photos of me.

The Writing Process

Once I have inspiration for a blog-post topic or when I’m writing about everyday life things, the blog-post-writing gets started. But I don’t finish them right away, I (mostly) don’t sit down and write a piece in one go. Rather, most of my posts go through three stages.

The first stage is where I write key words, subtopics or things to include and some basic phrases, which mainly occurs in a burst of inspiration. I’ll write down these phrases and subtopics to help me workout the idea when I have a moment or two to work on my posts.

Stage two consists of creating the body of my blog – little bits here and there. Shaping the phrases and key words into sentences and paragraphs. Slowly starting to figure out where I want to use a separator, a heading, or a photo or gallery in order to break up the piece a bit and make it more reader friendly.

The final stage is the proper writing of the post. And while initially this was done on weekends, I’ve also started to early mornings before work, or in the evenings after dinner to really write and “perfect” each blog post. In this phase of writing I have a tendency of reshaping everything I had previously crafted that had made me feel like I had a solid post. Sometimes the reshaping only takes 30 minutes or so, other times I’m working on one blog post for a solid two hours. It all depends on how much I had already written and how inspired or informative I feel when writing the new piece, as well as how much I’m trying to reshape or edit the existing content within my post.

Sometimes Stage two and three are flipped and I write most of the content in one go, after already having dropped down the idea at an earlier time. I then add the photos and dividers and headers in when I’m finalising the post, while also editing some extra paragraphs here and there.

Occasionally I am inspired and I write a whole blog post in one go. I’ll already have plenty of photos to use and the writing just flows from my fingertips onto the post exactly the way I want it to, all in one go. This doesn’t happen very often, although I do notice that the more I write, the easier it becomes to craft a blog post in one go, as if I’ve learned how to get myself to do it. I’m not sure what generates the inspiration and the work ethic to share this moment in time but when they do it always feels quite euphoric.

Then there is the draft tab… this one often holds pieces for weeks at a time. Sometimes I just can’t gather the inspiration I need to work on a specific idea or piece. Other times, the draft tab stays filled because the new ideas I am working on are generating more inspiration and motivation, so I write those first. Then on a random Saturday or Sunday, I’ll decide it’s time to tackle the draft tab and I flip through what’s in there, see if I can work with some of the content I wrote, or if I just want to either completely transform the piece or discard it. The cool part is that I’m in charge and there is no right or wrong way to do it – it’s my blog after all.

Since late September (2020) I’ve started to use the “schedule” tool on my blog. Often I’ll have periods where I’m incredibly inspired and write numerous blog posts in a small window of time. But I want to spread them out over time for when those moments strike where I don’t feel inspired or don’t have a lot of writing time. The “schedule” feature also allows me to create a consistent flow of content on my blog, which is something I’ve been working on. The goal is at least one post per week, and I’m hoping in the new year to maybe shift that to three posts in two weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

Sometimes the writing process is tedious and filled with a lack of motivation, yet more often, I feel inspired and amazed at the fact that I am creating content and people are reading it. People are subscribing or following my blog because they want to read more of it. And when I lack inspiration to write and create, it’s this thought that motivates me to get back to my laptop and type type type. Writing makes me feel happy and it’s my creative outlet, whether in my journal, on this blog, or for my book. And being able to share whatever I want to share, and write about whatever I want to write about on my own blog feels like creative freedom.

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