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Starting Anew in September Pt. II

Some weeks are much more exciting than others, and this past week was one just like that. And while what I’m about to write about isn’t so much “starting anew” I 1) felt the need to create a part II to my part I; and 2) September just always feels new, new things, new beginnings. And I guess in a way some things are new – my tattoo is new and Rowie’s new year started, even though for her this always starts in September.

Anyways, on Monday I was happy to have gotten back to work after having been lying in bed sick for a whole week (read about it here). After spending the morning working hard, I took a quick break, together with Christiaan, before lunch to get some supplies for Rowena’s birthday. I still had to buy wrapping paper and card materials, as well as that we passed by the supermarket to get some Champagne.

Breakfast and work!

Tuesday was a fantastic day. We all took the day off and in the morning on the way to my mom’s place, Christiaan and I picked up some yummy breakfast sweets including some pain au chocolate, some croissants, and a pain au almond. Once at our mom’s, where Rowie was still upstairs in bed, we decorated and blew up some balloons, and set the breakfast table before heading up, together with Luna (the cat) to wake up Rowie while singing happy birthday (in Dutch).

During breakfast we gave our cards and gifts. About a month ago I had Rowie pick out a pair of pants and a pair of leggings from the HaremPants shop, where I had previously bought three super comfy, fun looking pants. They would be my birthday gift to her. She hadn’t seen them yet and was super happy with how they turned out. When my mom gave her birthday card, she made the yearly mistake of getting my sister’s age wrong. It’s starting to become somewhat of a funny tradition (Rowie can laugh about it too). Last year mom bought a CD from the year 1986 instead of 1996. We laughed about mom’s innocent mistake and got ready to go to the beach.

We headed to shell beach, and even though there was a lot of algae on the shore and in the water, we went for a swim anyways. The water was somewhat wild but incredibly clear. After we got a bit of colour while drying up – the sun is always super hot in the late morning. Our swim was followed by a coffee break at our favourite café on the island: Oubli. We headed over and sat in our favourite corner where we took some nice photos, had our noisette and some fresh fruit juice, all accompanies by good conversation.

Following Oubli, Rowie and I dropped mom and Christiaan at home before heading to the bakery to pick up the birthday cake. We got two cakes: one “Fraisier“, a strawberry/pistache cake that my sister really wanted, and a “Royale” a super creamy, absolutely delicious chocolate cake that mom, Christiaan, and I love. We actually all really like both cakes, but the chocolate one has something special. Even mom, who doesn’t like chocolate, really loves this cake.

Upon coming home I made curry for lunch, upon the birthday girl’s request. Everyone was, once again, incredibly satisfied by my cooking skills. Luckily there were some left overs to enjoy the Curry the next day too. Lunch was followed by some down time, letting our meal settle so that we would have space again for cake in a little bit. Around 15:30 we finally had some cake, but not before we sang happy birthday again and had Rowie blow out her candle and break it – an Italian tradition we picked up from living there; you’re meant to make a wish while breaking the candle. Cake eating was followed by balloon-shape making. Mom had bought those long balloons – the kinds that clowns always have – and we had a guide that told us how to make shapes. While it looks much easier than it actually is, the rest all managed to create one of the shapes, while my balloon popped under pressure.

Our cake-eating and balloon-shape-making was followed by a hike by Toiny beach. We took four glasses and the champagne, and when we got to the top we toasted to the birthday girl, for making another trip around the sun.

Once back home we relaxed some more before having dinner and watching Coyote Ugly, a great chick-flick feel-good movie which exactly fit the mood of the day.

Wednesday started off productive. I woke up early, at 06:00 – before my 06:30 alarm – and went to shower and wash my hair. After feeling fresh and making a cup of tea, I got started on my work for today. I just started a Mighty Networks Master Class in order to work on some upcoming developments for Global Young Leaders (GYL). The class was super interesting and insightful and it got me excited for the rest of the five-week course. The rest of the morning I spend preparing some social media posts relating to GYL, before heading over to work at Oubli around 09:45. There I worked on the copy-editing of a big, upcoming project that my mom and sister have been working on for about two years now.

After coffee and a juice I headed over to my mom’s, where I watched the livestream of my best friend’s graduation of his six month training, before preparing lunch for my mom and sister. The leftover curry from the day before, just as delicious. After lunch I worked at a relaxed pace on the copy-editing before it was time to get ready to go to my appointment that afternoon.

Copy-editing and an Açai juice at Oubli.

What kind of appointment you ask? My tattoo appointment!! Woohoo! I was so excited (and nervous, but the good kind). Initially my appointment was meant to be on September 10th, but due to some health-related circumstances of the tattoo artist, Eva, she had to postpone it. So it became the 23rd, and in all honesty, it worked out just fine because I wouldn’t have wanted to deal with a new tattoo while having Dengue for a whole week.

So at 14:00 I got to Eva’s tattoo parlour and after looking over the design and the placement of it, we got started on the project! Well, Eva got started, I just sat still for a solid hour and 45 minutes. While getting the tattoo didn’t hurt all that much, after a while my arm did feel tired from getting poked at. Now it feels more sore than anything else. There is a special plastic bandaid/covering over it that is meant to stick on for around five days, after which I can take it off and do the regular moisturising.

I am suuuuper happy with how the tattoo turned out. It looks elegant and feminine, even though it is a male lion, and I am overall just super pleased with how it looks – the placement and the actual design of the tattoo.

Newest tattoo!

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