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A Week of Dengue

The past week completely threw me off my day-to-day course. I got Dengue. For those who aren’t familiar, Dengue is a blood virus transmitted through mosquitoes and when you get it, it floors you. It’s accompanied by a high fever, exhaustion, nausea, body aches. So I spend almost all week in bed.

It started Friday (the 11th) when we had gone out to La Cantina for a cheese platter and some drinks. Before leaving I had felt completely fine. While we were there I felt okay too, just a bit tired and my legs couldn’t find a comfortable position. My back slightly ached a bot but I assumed that was due to the lack of a backside to my seat. Yet by the time I got home I was dizzy and nauseous and felt super feverish. I curled into bed and went to sleep.

When I woke up I thought it was almost morning, I could see it was still dark out, but when I looked at the clock it was midnight. I was only asleep for two hours. And so my long night began. I spend all night shifting between being asleep and awake. I soon moved to the couch as I didn’t want to wake up my sister. At one point I had to get some fresh air and went to lie outside. This was a little magical moment amidst my horrible fever. I lied down and stared up at the sky. It was completely covered with stars. They were sparkling everywhere. I could see the milky way the sky was so clear. I saw seven falling stars!!

But this moment of serenity was the only one of its kind all night. While making it to the morning felt like an accomplishment, it didn’t bring any relief. My whole body still ached, my head was pounding, and I was exhausted. Any comfortable position on the couch had been exploited, I even moved to the floor just to try and cool down. By the time my sister came out of bed, I finally went back to bed where I read some Donald Duck for a bit, before shifting in and out of sleep again.

By lunch time my mom had gotten special herbs from our friend, which are meant to cure Dengue, or help lessen the fever. The herbs are meant to be taken as a tea. It doesn’t taste too good but the tea did help. My fever went down a little bit throughout the day. The herbs are from the island and grow everywhere. The idea is that you can find the cure to a disease in the place where it comes from, which is why the herb grows in abundance on the island – because dengue is so common here.

The rest of the week was just spend between my bed and the couch, slowly growing stronger and reading lots of Donald Duck and watching Pokémon. I truly had very little energy to do much else.

It’s funny because my the Thursday before I got sick, I was meant to get my new tattoo. But the artist had her own health issues and unfortunately had to postpone. I was super bummed but by the time Saturday rolled around I was glad my body didn’t have to deal with both healing a new tattoo and Dengue. Now my appointment is this upcoming Wednesday (the 23rd).

Saturday was accompanied by other not-so-fun news as well. I didn’t just wake up to Dengue but also to news that I didn’t get the spot in the apartment in Amsterdam. They had one of their friends who last minute also applied. I was really bummed out at first, but now that some time has passed, a part of me is happy it didn’t go through. I feel like right now, spending this precious time with my family while we are actually all four together, is very worthy and special and something I want to have more time for. The past few months together we have spend so much time together talking and discussing about life and all its ups and downs and the way we attract what we give energy to. So we’ve all been working hard on sending out positive energy to shape the reality we live in.

So it’s been super slow this last week and while my Dengue adventure is maybe not so exciting for others, it felt very impactful for me. I was forced to not to anything for a week straight, which is quite a challenge for me. Even if in my free time I never not do anything – I’m always working on something, creating something new. Having to relax and lie on the couch on all week felt quite boring (until I started binge watching Pokémon) but I managed.

By Saturday I started to feel better and by Sunday I genuinely felt like a person again. I even managed to put on jean shorts instead of Panama shorts to go to my mom’s house. At the end of the day I even went to St. Jean beach with Rowie to have a quick swim in the water. It was so great to be outside again.

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