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Stay-Cation Pt. III

Wow. Time really does move fast when you’re enjoying yourself. But also maybe just because its vacation and I don’t know if it ever feels like there is enough time in vacation before getting back to other day-to-day activities.

Yesterday work started again and I wish I had a whole another week of vacation, or another two weeks. I’m still completely exhausted, but I know that isn’t something just two weeks, or even four weeks of vacation would “fix”. They stay-cation has been absolutely wonderful and I do feel like I’ve had a lot of time for both my family and my self.

Wednesday morning I went for a 5.6 kilometre walk/hike with my mom to Saline, a beach somewhat close to our home. We left around 07:30 and enjoyed having some time together, some mother-daughter time. Once at the beach we walked along the shore and sat down on our towel in the shade for a little bit before my mom went into the water to take a quick dip. The water was somewhat wild due to the strong winds, so I remained in the shade, lying down with my eyes closed for a little while. After we walked back home, already feeling the increased heat of the sun.

After we got home I enjoyed a coffee and some writing time on my Camino book. Once my mom was finished with her work-related phone call we went to do the week’s grocery shopping at the bio-store.

Upon coming home I went straight for the kitchen to prepare lunch. A recipe that I got from the bio-store’s website, to which I made my own additions and changes. The recipe was for a fish-curry and I must say, I am very proud of how it turned out. Especially considering this was the first time I ever made it! While I would add a bit less fish next time and make it a bit more spicy, I thought it was fantastic! Rowie, Lamberto and Mamma agreed, as they really enjoyed it.

My fish curry!

After lunch I retreated to the couch, but only for a little while before the house cleared out and we figured out that our banana’s were very ripe. My mom, half-joking, suggested I bake some more, so I took her up on it and made some banana-squares, half with chocolate chips and half with blueberries, as my mom and Rowie aren’t big fans of chocolate. While I was in the kitchen and had to use the oven anyways, I decided to also make some more quinoa bread. The first time I had made it, it turned out quite alright, but I wanted to see if I could make it better the second time around.

Wednesday ended in a relaxed manner, spending the evening reading and writing and just overall unwinding. It was just mom and I at home, as Rowie, Lamberto, and Christiaan had gone to hang out at Shell Beach and eat some pizza. Mom and I instead enjoyed the quiet, we were basically ready to fall asleep by 20:00 but we magically made it to 21:30.

After a good night’s sleep, even though I still woke up tired, I enjoyed two relaxed hours writing on my blog and my book. At 08:30 we met up and headed for the Piscine Naturel. The sun was already hot but it was a beautiful day. The sea was somewhat calm enough for us to be able to jump into the piscine as well. We were lucky because we were the only ones there!

After we headed to Oubli where we enjoyed a coffee and a juice, before we headed home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We just relaxed, I caught up with a good friend. I made a tasty quinoa salad for dinner which we enjoyed by candlelight due to a temporary power outage. After dinner we played harten jagen (hunting hearts) which unfortunately Christiaan won.

Mamma and I at Oubli!

Friday continued in full vacation swing. I woke up early and enjoyed some tea while reading on the couch, before switching over to writing instead. What I love about vacation is having a lot of time to read. This is my third book I’m enjoying during my holiday. The first were two chick-flick reads, which I always enjoy, now I’m reading a book called Euphoria, about anthropologists in New Guinea. It’s something different than my usual books but I’m enjoying the switch-up.

Mamma and I went to meet Rowie and Lamberto for coffee at Oubli, and even though our intention was also to do some household groceries, we didn’t feel like it and just headed home where I made us lunch. Christiaan was busy in workshops all early-afternoon so he enjoyed left over curry when he had a break. For Mamma and I, I made bell-peppers stuffed with some veggies, quinoa and tofu, topped by a fresh zucchini sauce and an egg. A tasty and colourful meal.

After lunch, around 15:15 Rowie and Lamberto showed up with watermelon right as Christiaan finished his workshop. We had some fruit together before heading out towards the short uphill hike in Toiny, where we enjoyed the view and the quiet. Sitting and chatting on the rocks while overlooking the Toiny beach, the ocean, the surfers, the birds, and the goats that inhabit the hill we hiked up.

The evening we played another game of harten jagen which was an intense game and was won by Rowena. I love playing card games, they always create a laugh, frustration, and just fun from playing a game together and taking a moment of quality time together.

Saturday rolled around and I started the day by going for a run. The rest of the morning I didn’t do much, just hung out on the couch, occasionally doing this or that, before we met up with the rest for coffee at Victoria. We headed to Lamberto and Rowena’s apartment where Christiaan and Lamberto made super tasty Cauliflower Latkes. Lunch was followed by going home and just relaxing and reading. I finished the book I started reading three days prior, and just lied on the couch relaxing before getting ready to go out to dinner.

Saturday evening we headed to Tamarin, one of the fancier restaurants on the island. When we arrived at 20:30 the restaurant was very busy and it created a very nice atmosphere. The restaurant has a beautiful set-up, as it is set in a garden with dim lighting and good music playing in the background. We sat at a round table and enjoyed a very great bottle of Chiani (red wine). The rest got appetisers, then we enjoyed our main course, for which I got the truffle risotto, my favourite on their menu, before we moved onto desert which was the fantastic chocolate soufflé. After dinner we took a moment to snap some photos at the entrance of the restaurant some with mask and some without.

A quick post-dinner selfie with our masks, which are required to be worn when inside and not seated at your table.

Today, Sunday has so far been a calm day. I slept in until 07:30 (normally I wake up around 06:00 or 06:30) and enjoyed the morning by just relaxing and not doing much – a bit of journaling, a bit of social media, a bit of writing. We met up with Rowena and Lamberto for coffee at Victoria around 11:00.

After the heat became too much, mom and I left early to take her car for a drive around the Island, and afterwards met up with the rest at home to have lunch together. The afternoon consisted of relaxing, writing, catching up with some friends and helping my mom dye her hair.

Monday work started again. Well, not specifically, but this week. Half the week is still somewhat vacation and the rest of the week is working again. Or at least that is my plan but I also know that there is a lot to do in the next two weeks that urgently needs to be finished, so we’ll see how everything plays out. At least yesterday morning wasn’t a “cold-turkey” start because in the morning Rowena, Lamberto, Christiaan and I went to Shell Beach and had lunch at the Fish Corner, a warm, relaxing start to the week.

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