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Stay-Cation Pt. I

Busy busy busy. It feels like there is always more to do. Whether it is work or things I’d like to do for myself. But honestly, I don’t know if I would have it any other way.

Sometimes it is overwhelming, knowing that there is always something to do. Things that are due and new projects to be started. But that’s not just work, it’s life too. It is the way life is. You close up some things, relationships, chapters, and start new ones. And in both work and life, these are never clean-cut lines, but rather, each flows into the next. This also means that, unless you decide to take a break, there is no perfect time to do so. Right now, as I am at the start of my stay-cation, I feel that way, like it is not at all the perfect time to take off. But I have to make myself take this vacation anyways, my whole being feels like it needs a break.

During a run this past week as the sun was rising and I was feeling sweaty and tired. Ready for a vacation!!

Why do I need a vacation? Maybe a strange question. Doesn’t everyone need a vacation every once in a while? For sure. I just feel like I’ve already had a lot of time off in the past few months. I took a couple of days off in late May/Early June, and while I still have about two-thirds of my vacation days left, I also still have a solid five months left of the year. But as my boss/mom and siblings were also taking vacation, and my sister’s boyfriend/our family friend, Lamberto, is coming to St. Barth for almost two weeks, I decided if any time, now was the perfect time to take off.

While my whole vacation, or rather, stay-cation, will be centred around doing things for myself, like writing and cooking and spending time with myself, it will also be spent with family, just doing fun things together like going swimming, hiking, pedalo-ing, going to café’s, watching movies, and playing card-games. We also have Monopoly but it isn’t always the best family-bonding game – especially because we’re all super competitive.

Spending Tuesday morning chitchatting with my mom on our deck in the garden while drinking a cup of tea.

This past weekend I did almost nothing but read. I started a new book (The Story of Our Lives by Shari Low) on Saturday morning and finished it by Monday afternoon. What a great feeling to be able to curl up with a good book on the couch and to be completely sucked in by its story and the characters’ lives.

My reading entertainment was briefly paused on Monday morning by a 7.5 km hike. My family and I walked from our home to the Goveneur Beach, which is about 3.7 km and an equivalent of 44 flights of stairs away. We hiked there and back, enjoying the quiet of the beach as no one was there so early. Another benefit was that there was algae on the shore, meaning even less beach visitors. We went for a short swim, enjoying the cool water before hiking back home underneath the hot sun. After showering and going to one of our favourite café’s, Café de l’Oubli, in Gustavia, we spend the rest of the day relaxing and doing nothing. I spend the rest of my day finishing my book!

While I’ve had to do some work over the past few days for our start-up, Global Young Leaders, I’ve spend the rest of my holiday, so far, in a mix of cooking, writing, and spending time with my family. Tuesday night we played “Harten Jagen“, a card game my dad taught us, and last night we watched Chef. Every time I watch this movie I always feel fantastic and it is definitely one of my favourite movies.

I still have two whole weeks of vacation to enjoy in which I have very little planned – just the way I wanted it to be. I always plan too much, organise too much, and while these are also strong and effective habits (or character traits), sometimes I just exhaust myself by my desire/need to plan and organise, so my goal for this holiday (as a starting point for the rest of my life) was to plan very little and just go with the flow – to just do what I want to do in that very moment.

My only other goal this vacation is to write a lot, both on my blog and my writing projects. These are two things I really want to get going and create, so if I spend time working on both of them when I actually feel inspired and have time, it should make for a good starting push, or continuation push. Additionally, writing makes me feel excited and good, as well as that I genuinely feel like I am investing in myself. How cool is that?!

Something else I’m making time for this vacation is to get the design of my newest tattoo ready and to make an appointment with the tattoo artist, Eva, here on the island who did two of my other tattoos. Eva did such a beautiful job on the last two so I really look forward to having her work on this new piece!

After a refreshing swim at Goveneur beach after hiking down there from our house.

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