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Changing Up My Lifestyle pt. I

Since arriving in St. Barth on June 23rd, I’ve decided to become more environment/world conscious in my diet and way of life. I’ve already been more conscious about use of plastic and eating more local and bio food rather than food that comes from far away and is covered in pesticides. I guess the official name for my current “diet” is that I am a pescatarian.

I don’t actually eat all that much fish, just occasionally when someone else in my family cooks it for lunch. When I eat out I make it a point to only order vegetarian dishes. And when it’s my turn to cook I try to only make vegetarian or vegan meals. As I’m currently living and eating with the rest of my family, I am more flexible in eating fish occasionally. When I am alone I try to cut that out too.

I would like to move to a vegan diet, eventually, but I’m currently still learning how to cook more plant-based food and haven’t figured out the whole “no-cheese” and “no-egg” thing. Living in France for the past four years has made me love cheese maybe more than the average non-French person. But I’ll keep you posted on when I do figure out how to make a tasty vegan cheese.

As my diet has become more plant-based and thereby more environmentally friendly, I’ve recently decided I want to be more creative in my cooking. Eventually alternating between zucchini + “blank” or eggplant with tomatoes gets a bit tiring. Never boring because I genuinely love the way zucchini and eggplant taste, but it’s nice to have some different dishes to enjoy too. And I’ve noticed so far that the more I try out, the easier it all becomes.

I did, recently, learn of a new way to use zucchini’s, one that quite surprised me… Zucchini Brownies! Yes, you read that right, brownies made out of zucchini! These aren’t for the faint-of-heart, as you have to enjoy the somewhat bitter taste (or use sweeter cacao powder that I used). I’ll be posting my experience with this very soon so keep an eye out!

Another new, vegetarian dish that has become a favourite, not just for me but for the rest of my family, is Cauliflower Latkes. We got the recipe from Find What Feels Good (the Yoga with Adriene membership website), and after trying it out a couple of times, we’ve got it somewhat down and oh wow it is tasty!!

Excitedly exercising with my sister Rowena

But so the point of this new page, Health & Lifestyle, on my blog, is to highlight my journey of healthier eating, making recipes (sometimes from scratch), and enjoying other beneficial activities for a healthy and happy lifestyle. I personally believe, and know there are a lot of studies about it too, that feeding the body and the mind the right energy and food can go an immensely long way in life, making you feel great in your own skin and in your head!

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