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Relax Before Work

It is Sunday evening here. My last day of my winter vacation. For now. Not that it feels much like winter here in Saint Barths (my home base for the past six months). In nine days time I’ll be experiencing the cold again, for the first time since last winter. I’ll be headed to my country of origin, the Netherlands.

But for now, while still in the fantastic, warm climate, I’m enjoying my last day off. This “winter” break has been absolutely wonderful and reviving. I feel very fresh and ready to start work tomorrow morning. I really enjoy my work, which allows me to work remotely. It is no punishment to start again tomorrow morning.

The goal is to kickstart the day with a short run and some yoga, after which I’ll settle down behind my laptop to get started on the day’s activities.

Before focusing too much on tomorrow, I want to look back at the wonderful-ness of today. Besides having a sunny coffee break and time to work on some personal development, my family and I went hiking at one of the piscine naturele (natural pools).

After an active morning, my afternoon was spend figuring out some potential travel plans, as well as some future work projects. In late afternoon my mom and I went to the main town, Gustavia, to chat about my fresh ideas.

My mom’s input is very important to me. While she’s incredibly supportive of my plans and ideas, she is also critical, always asking important questions about the logistics, as well as emotions behind my ideas.

Today was a beautiful day filled with a great amount of relaxation and activities. I ended the day (besides by writing this blog) winning at the card game we were playing. A good close to the day. I feel ready to start work again tomorrow.

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