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Introduction to Leona

Hello! Welcome! My name is Leona and this is my blog!

I am quite new to this whole blogging thing. I’ve always had a Tumblr account, but there I don’t have to create my own content. I guess that my Instagram and Twitter have been a pre-blogging experience, as I have shared snippets of my life on those platforms before. But recently (in the last year or so) the idea of blogging has been picking at my mind. During this time I’ve also been creating content online on my Medium account, and every time I write I notice a desire to share my thoughts and ideas, and the things that cross my mind. So here it is. My blog with my thoughts, ideas, and life experiences shared with you, whoever you may be.

While I cannot promise any specific topic of my content, it might involve some of the basics of my life:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • Traveling
  • Reading of good books & articles
  • Anything else that seems important

I don’t want to promise any kind of content as I have no idea what the future holds for me and this blog (even though I’m hoping it will be grand – who knows maybe even a Carrie Bradshaw level).

Why make my life public? The world is a grand and strange place with many diverse fabulous individuals. I love hearing stories from people and hearing about others (maybe I’ll post about this too). A big reasons that I enjoy the sharing of stories is because I feel that it connects people and can help them feel less alone, knowing that there are other human beings elsewhere going through similar struggles.

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