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We’re all just walking each other home in this journey of life.


All little and big pieces of my life – daily life and grand experiences


Bits and pieces of my travel adventures around the world.

Being Human

The things that make us feel alive; that make us feel human.

  • 2021: Manifesting Me
    I might be a little late to the ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ game, considering the first week of January has already almost passed, but I was…
  • Thank You 2020
    It’s been quite a year. I’m sure almost everyone feels its been intense, wild, and for many people the year has felt like a giant…
  • Tropical Family Christmas
    This is one of my favourite times of the year. In my family the christmas holidays are always surrounded around love, happiness, good food and…
  • Holiday Vacation
    Somehow it’s already December 23rd. The new year will be here in 8 days and I officially just started my vacation. It feels a little…
  • Starting a Business: Leona Françoise
    I did something very awesome! I started my very own business! It’s called Leona Françoise. The purpose of my new business is to share my…
  • Creating Life because of COVID
    Has your life, during this pandemic, been feeling like it’s been put on hold? Honestly, I thought mine was for a while… I couldn’t travel,…

We’re all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass

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