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Snippets of my life, thoughts in my head, and all other things that come with being a 20-something year old living internationally & adventurously.

Leona Françoise Caanen
author, traveller, human being

Writing started as an outlet for my inner thoughts, but soon it shifting into something others found themselves in too. We are more alike than we are different on this path of life - sometimes it takes reading about someone else's adventures and challenges to realise yours aren't that different. Now my writing has resulted into two published books, numerous online & print articles, and always still this blog with my personal adventures. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Snapshots of life lately
About me
After growing up internationally for 14 years, I now find myself back in my country of origin. Currently, my 24-year-old self is living in Amsterdam, embracing all the lovely people and adventures that have wandered into my life.
Travelling and visiting new places fills my soul and makes me feel alive. Sometimes it's solo adventures and other times its with someone. Often I find myself using these experiences as inspiration for writing - whether books or online pieces.

My family and friends for the endless love, support,

confrontation, and growth they assist me with.

Live would be incredibly dull without you.

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